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We'd been hearing rumblings that more American-based chefs were about to head over to London, now we have confirmation on one of them. This morning the Connaught announced that Jean-Georges Vongerichten will be opening a new restaurant there next Spring.

There isn't a name yet, but we know it'll take over the space at the front of the hotel which is currently occupied by Espelette. Vongerichten will join Hélène Darroze and her two-Michelin star restaurant which is on the other side of the hotel. By contrast to her restaurant, the new place will be a more informal spot - they're describing it as a relaxed neighbourhood restaurant. Open all day it'll run from breakfast through to dinner.

If the name Jean-Georges Vongerichten doesn't ring any bells with you, he's responsible for 30 restaurants worldwide in cities such as Paris, Shanghai and Tokyo, including the three Michelin starred Jean Georges in New York. If it's ringing vague bells that's because this is a return to the fold for Vongerichten, who previously ran Vong restaurant at The Berkeley which closed at the end of 2002. Given the intention to make this more of a laid-back space, we reckon it'll be more evocative of his ABC Kitchen restaurant in New York. 

"I hope to create a new restaurant at The Connaught that reflects both my signature farm to table cooking style but with a few surprises," says Vongerichten . "The Connaught was the first London hotel I ever stayed in and continues to hold a special place in my heart."

The unnamed Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurant will open in Spring 2017 at  Carlos Pl, London W1K 2AL. Keep up with their news on Twitter @theconnaught.

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