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Grab a very British bite to eat from Burberry in Clerkenwell Green

Clerkenwell is about to get a new lunch pop-up from luxury Brit brand Burberry when it temporarily extends its West End restaurant (which we're rather fond of) to support the photography exhibition it's putting on by Clerkenwell Green.

Much like the main venue in town, the menu will be heaving with all the delightful mainstays of classic English cuisine, from a Ploughman’s to iced buns and crumpets, and all dutifully including their place of origin, from Tamworth black pudding to Berkswell cheese biscuits.

But there'll also be some which are exclusive to the event including :

  • Autumn vegetable and spelt salad
  • Thomas's Ploughman's, including an East Leach sausage roll, Wiltshire Ham, Tamworth Pork pie or Lincolnshire poacher, Colston Basset, Innes button and Yorkshire Cask puff
  • Berkswell cheese biscuits 
  • Crab and Avocado puffs 
  • Tamworth black pudding scotch quail's eggs

And we very much like the sound of a special "Cake Table" completely weighed down with traditional, and less traditional baked goodies, including 

  • Mirabelle plum tart
  • Kent apple turnovers
  • Orange and rosemary upside down cake
  • Ginger nut vanilla crunch biscuit
  • Bramley apple crumble cake
  • Salted honey loaf with crystallised edible summer flowers

When: 18 September – 1 October 2017

Where: Old Sessions House, 22 Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0NA

More information: Visit their website


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