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Dinner Time Story comes to london with its Petit Chef

It's already been hugely popular in Dubai and United Arab Emirates, and now the projector-based restaurant Dinner Time Story is coming to London. So what is it? Put simply, you'll have a little show on your dinner plate as a tiny chef starts creating your meal in front of you. It IS rather hard to explain, but this video does it rather well:

We have to admit that DOES look rather impressive. When over in London (for three months) Le Petit Chef will be creating a meal based on the journey of Marco Polo, so there will be some real food around the show. As well as birds, boats, and fire-breathing dragons fly over their plate.  

We'll have more info about the menu and location later in the year - so watch this space.

What: Dinner Time Story

Where: TBC

When: 2017

Find out more: Visit their website.

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