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The trend for single ingredient-led restaurants continues with the news that one devoted to the chip is heading our way. Come Fry with Me is going to be touring festivals and markets over the summer before opening up a permanent place in Covent Garden. In keeping with its name it'll have a 1960s air travel themed decor and fries arriving on a ‘fry carousel’ conveyor belt. 

“Crisps come in different shapes, sizes and a crazy number of flavours too," explains founder Tiffany Plant, "so why does the fry get left to a pinch of salt and a splash of vinegar? Fries are delicious with Marmite, rosemary, steak…."

After much research, Tiffany has come up with three types of fries - all triple cooked. There'll be skinny, gastro or skin-on and you can have those Flavoured, Topped or in a Butty.

The menu will feature:

    Truffle & Parmesan (duck fat gastro fries, tossed in truffle and Parmesan)
    Marmite skinny fries
    Naked and Battered (gastro fries coated in Guinness batter).
      Curry gastro fries with mango chutney
      There'll even be a dessert of sorts with the Cinnamon Sweet Potato fries served with vanilla icing, chocolate or peanut butter dip

    Topped fries will include Steak & Stilton, Chilli con carne with sour cream, and Greek, with feta, oregano and lemon.

    Come Fry with Me opens in Autumn in Covent Garden We'll update you with more details (including an address) when we have it. In the meantime, keep up with their news on Twitter @comefryuk

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