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Bob Bob Ricard to open Bob Bob Exchange in the Cheesegrater building

After the sadness of the passing of Bob Bob Ricard's planned Biblioteca, today brings very good news with confirmed details about Bob Bob Ricard's new restaurant Bob Bob Exchange - or BBX.

Full details have been revealed with the new restaurant in one of the City's most recognisable new skyscrapers (albeit on a lower floor). And as to be expected from the company that brought us the "press for champagne" button, much luxury is planned for BBX.

So far, we know:

  • It's on the third floor (alas, no new high-rise dining) 
  • The restaurant is primarily made up of booths and will seat 180 with private rooms for a further 120
  • Those rooms will be in Standard class or Executive class, for those whose City bonus has come in
  • There's a mini sushi and sashimi restaurant inside it - seating only nine. So THAT will be London's next hot ticket
  • As for the main restaurant, it will serve, "seasonal meat, fish and vegetables cooked over an open flame or smoked in-house."
  • There will be regular auctions for fine wines at cost happening live in the restaurant
  • And, drumroll, there will be Press for Champagne buttons (Hooray!)

So yes, it all sounds VERY luxe - but they're also striving to attract a broad crowd, just as the original BBR does. "The restaurant will break new ground in both design and culinary offering, "said owner Leonid Shutov in a press release put out today by the developers, "and will deliver an interior that is both urban and contemporary.” 

Bob Bob Exchange opens at 122 Leadenhall Street in Autumn 2017. For more from Bob Bob Ricard, follow them on Twitter @bobbobexchange.

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