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Yes, it's that time again - where the menus of London's restaurants, cafes, burger joints and sandwich emporiums all come with added seasonal fare. Turkey, mince pies, pigs in blankets - expect them all to make an appearance and there's the majesty of the Christmas sandwich for all to behold. We've rounded up what to expect this Christmas.

Keep checking this page in the run-up Christmas. There will be more specials added every week...


The Pret Christmas sandwich

The Pret Christmas sandwich is revealed

What? Pret have turned the reveal of their Christmas sandwich into a yearly tradition and it's felt by many to be the sandwich to beat. This year, the "Christmas Lunch" sandwich is made of "slices of British free-range turkey breast on granary bread with a dash of port & orange cranberry sauce. Served with Pret's crumbly pork stuffing - made with minced pork, streaky bacon and apricots - and topped with crispy onions and fresh baby spinach." It'll set you back £3.75 - and there's also a veggie AND a vegan version available too.

Also new this year is the smoked salmon, soft cheese and dill baguette (£4.25) and something which fits the so-crazy-it-might-work bill. It's the "Festive Flat White" which adds a dash of mince pie syrup to your morning coffee (£2.75). 

When: From 7 November

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The Nikkei Christmas

What? Nikkei City spot Waka are bringing a Peruvian/Japanese flavour to Christmas with their specials. The one that sticks out for us is the Nikkei Navidad Sushi Set (£5.85) - that's combining Nikkei dishes with Christmas flavours. So that's Nikkei Salmon Roll with salmon, cream cheese and sweet peppers; Curry Roll with chicken katsu, carrots and curry sauce; and Cranberry Roll with turkey, cranberry sauce and mushroom, chestnut & dried fruit stuffing. 

When: Available now until 29 December.

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The return of the Byron Christmas burger

The return of the Byron Christmas burger

What? Every year, Byron unveils the Cheesemas menu - with its special burger at the heart of it. And this year's sounds very enticing. The Fromagemas (£11, or £13.50 for a double) is a hamburger with Barber’s Cheddar, Barber’s Red Leicester, Byron Cheese, crispy Grana Padano, red onion, smoked tomato ketchup and Grana Padano aioli. But hey - that's not enough cheese - so how about a jug of hot melted Byron Cheese sauce to pour all over it. Yes, that'll do. Also look out for the Holy Cheeseballs - mac & cheese bites topped with buffalo glaze, Byron Cheese sauce, spring onions and crispy bacon (£5.50). 

When: From 7 November - 2 January

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A Christmas hot dog from Bubbledogs

A Christmas hot dog from Bubbledogs

What? Bubbledogs have named their latest Christmas special the "Santa’s Sausage" and it's certainly got the Christmas spirit. Expect Christmas stuffing, cranberry chutney, crispy brussel sprouts, parsnip chips and gravy for £8 (and if you're going all-out, add shaved truffles for an extra £8).

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Christmassy fondue from the Cheese Bar

Cheesy fondue from the Cheese Bar

What? As the winter nights draw in, what could be better than a festive fondue? The Cheese Bar have teamed up with cast iron specialist Staub for this special creation, on offer every Thursday. There will be two fondue recipes made from the best in British cheese and that'll be served alongside deep-fried Brussel sprouts, smoked sausage and - of course - pigs in blankets.

When? Every Thursday up until Christmas

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The mince pie croissant from Paul

The mince pie croissant from Paul

What? Every Christmas you can expect a mash-up or two that really turn heads and Paul have come up trumps this year with the mince pie croissant. It's just what you think it is, an all-butter croissant filled with sweet mincemeat and dusted with icing sugar. We also like the sound of their Cosy Christmas Pig Sandwich (£4.50) which is an artisan apricot and sage baguette loaded with Lincolnshire sausage and bacon, layered with spinach, freshly sliced apple and a sweet apple chutney.

When? From 28 November until Christmas at all Paul shops across London. 

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XXXmas Burger from MEATliquor


What? MEATliquor always pull out the stops for the Christmas season - particularly with their XXXmas burger. This year, it's free-range Heron Farm roast turkey, Gloucester Old Spot rare breed sausage patty, crispy bacon, stuffing crumbles, gravy and cranberry sauce. So yes, a Christmas dinner in a bun. And we also like the sound of the Turkey Cheesesteak - free-range roast turkey, bathed in gravy with melted camembert, crispy stuffing crumbles and cranberry sauce.

When? From 6 November up to Christmas

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Goose Vindaloo at Kricket

Goose Vindaloo at Kricket

What? This year, Kricket are getting into the Christmas spirit with this special - Goose vindaloo, with brussel sprout and chestnut thoran (£12),. And you can pair that with Spiced Masala Chai, served with a boozy splash of rum. 

When? All December

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Pigs in blankets from EAT

Pigs in blankets from EAT

What? As a lunchtime staple the sandwiches at EAT are pretty decent, so we're always on the look out for their specials. This year, the Festive Full Works returns, as well as the vegan option - butternut squash & a seed stuffing, paired with a cranberry slaw, spiced vegan mayonnaise and rocket served within two slices of soft malted bread. But it's the pigs in blankets which are the real draw, and you can have them on their own (£5.50) or with mash potato and onion gravy. We may end up having too many of these as the season continues... 

When? From 1 November 2017

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Lobster thermidor in a bun from M&S

Lobster thermidor in a bun from M&S

What? This is one we've been actively searching for, but have yet to find any left in our local M&S. Last Christmas, we had rather too many of their lobster rolls and we can see the same happening with this particular bun. It's "Lobster and prawn thermidor with a brandy and Dijon mustard mayonnaise on a soft brioche roll" for £5. And we've had rather a lot of their roast turkey dinner crisps too and can highly recommend those. 

When? Available now

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